Friday, July 17, 2009

Where Your Donations Are Going

Thank you for all of your donations! Africa Change International has been able to hire two new people, creating two jobs in an economy with a high unemployment rate. Paul pictured below on the left is the new manager for the internet cafe. I've been training him on translation and hired him to help me with my interviews. Even though English is Ghana's official language, they usually can't understand my American accent if they understand English, or they speak the native Twi.

I've also been training the new secretary, Annette, on transcription and I've hired her to type up my interviews. Win, win.

ACI is launching the computer lab on Wednesday so I will be able to attend (I leave Thursday). We've lined up TV and other media to cover the event and Miss Ghana 2008 is scheduled to come, no lie. We've been in the newspaper once already, and I'm going to interview some kids who use the internet cafe and write it up for an article. I'm thinking I should do something for The New Yorker or something. Does anyone have any experience with that?

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