Friday, July 17, 2009

Mole National Park, Upper West Region

Here are some pictures from my side trip to Mole National Park. They say that you can get closer to the animals here than at other game reserves in Africa, but they don't have as many animals. We missed the elephants by about 30 minutes, but got to see their poop. What are they eating? Anyway, Jesse got food poisoning the night before and couldn't come, so it was just Jake and me. We befriended the german volunteer at the place we were staying in Larabanga who was our temporary stand-in for Jesse. He was very nice, but unfortunately was having a terrible time at his position because there was nothing to do and only rice to eat. (If you go to Mole, it's worth the price to stay at Mole Motel, do not stay in Larabanga!) We got to watch Obama's speech and we all agreed that everything Obama said was true and correct.

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