Sunday, July 5, 2009

lazy days

Jake says he had expected strange noises in Africa, but the 6am marching band practice and the boys across the street playing gangsta rap weren’t what he had in mind. The cacophony of the neighbor’s hounds howling, anonymous goats baying and Nurdeen’s roosters crowing at all hours, not just at dawn, mixes with the periodic call to prayer from the local mosque. This is how I woke this morning, not blaming Nurdeen for his incessant roosters who after all lay the eggs for his breakfast. Although I get up late, it will be hours until I’m joined by Jake and Jesse who I had to yell at last night for being 18 year olds and laughing hyena laughs until dawn. Unable to lie awake in bed all morning, I wasted time by cleaning up after the boys and burning some bread for breakfast. I was down to my last pair of clean underwear, so I set about “doing laundry” which means cleaning out a basin well enough to rinse some clothes in a mixture of rainwater and SuperConcentrate Wilderness Wash. I reminded myself of my dad making up new lyrics to old songs as I hummed “how much DEET must one woman spray” to the tune of Blowin in the Wind. The answer, my friend, is biting at my legs.

The sky is dark and gray, threatening my work at the clothesline. I would say “at least the power hasn’t gone out yet,” but I don’t want to jinx myself. At least we still have running water. At least Jesse put his music on my computer and I got an hour long radio show hosted by Bob Dylan on the theme of “friends and neighbors.” Jesse and Jake wake up and eat breakfast. We wait for Sunday to end so we can go to the National Reserve to see the elephants. They play hearts on their laptop while I play solitaire on mine. I find this exceedingly ironic.


  1. Is this the beginning of your romance novel?

  2. Ha! It's an anti-romance with mosquitos!

    Update: some of my clothes are finally dry!